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August 14, 2008



I have heard such wonderful things about these but haven't actually seen them. When I was younger we were always sitting down together at dinner and talking. We never answered the phone. We couldn't bring anything to the table - unless it was to share.

We also used to take the 'Book of Questions' with us on camping trips or long car rides. Made for some great conversation and memories.

I do agree with Emily F - sometimes silence is golden :)

I cannot help but wonder if the invention of the internet (with blogging, iming, etc) and our cell phone texting has completely changed that. But that's for another day...

Emily F

What a cool idea! I feel like that even when me and my husband are on a date without kids, we just can't seem to come up with something to talk about...we're so excited to just sit in quiet for once. This will be interesting to try. thanks!

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