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February 21, 2008


Courtney from Babyccino

I am not normally a "Gina Ford" follower, but I really liked her "Potty Training in One Week" book. She advocates the strict (and clear) method. Take the diapers away and never look back. It really did work for us. My son was potty-trained in a week (though it took a bit longer for him to actually say he had to go potty). It's an UGLY and frustrating week, but it's worth it.
(And I also thought the little potty-seat was gross, but it works well to take in the car with you, or to have on one side of your house if the bathroom is far away)!

Julia Chandler

I used that same book and it does have some truth to it. My son was able to do it all by himself although some things he still needed help. It's been about 2 months since then and he's going by himself without our prodding him and has only had a couple of accidents since then. I also just did the potty seat cover because I didn't want to clean another potty in the house :)


You should email Aunt Milley. I think she did the potty training in a day thing. I have blocked all of that from my mind.


I have a little potty, but don't use it much. We have taught our boys to go standing up and it is a cinch!!! Just tell them to make bubbles and it thrills them to death!!! Good luck!


I'm with you on the little potty. I've never used one for the same reason. I'm still waiting for Charlie to be ready (and because I am dreading it). He's 3.5! We better get going!


i never used the little potties either, they were too gross for me. that and my kid refused to sit on it! we waited 'til he was three, but talked about it every day for a year (when you're 3, no more diapers, etc.) and when he was three, it really was less than a day. he was ready! good luck!


All I can say is you know I LOVE that potty seat:) It has been wonderful! That an a IKEA potty stool and you are set!


All I can say is you know I LOVE that potty seat:) It has been wonderful! That an a IKEA potty stool and you are set!

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